Cement Price In Pakistan 2023 | DG, Lucky, Maple Cement Rates

As the construction industry in Pakistan continues to grow, the demand for cement remains high. With this demand comes an increase in cement rates, which can have a significant impact on the cost of construction projects. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the cement price in Pakistan for 2023.

Cement Prices Today: A Quick Rates Overview

As of March 2023, the retail price for cement per bag (50 kg) in Pakistan is around PKR 1,050 – 1,200. However, cement prices can vary by city and region, depending on supply and demand, transportation costs, taxes, and other factors. For example, the cement rate today in Lahore, Karachi, KPK, Quetta, Sindh, Multan, Kashmir, Swabi, and other cities may be different due to local market conditions.

Latest & Updated Cement Prices – Today Cement Rates March List 2023

Cement Company NameCement Rate Today
D.G Khan CementRs. 1,120 – 1,130
Lucky Cement Rs. 1,100 – 1,110
Askari Cement LimitedRs. 1,095 – 1,100
Maple Leaf CementRs. 1,120 – 1,130
Maple Leaf White Cement (40kg)Rs. 1,890 – 1,900
Attock Cement LimitedRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Pioneer CementRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Kohat Cement LimitedRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Thatta Cement Limited₨. 1,055 – 1,080
Dewan CementRs. 1,050 – 1,110
Fauji CementRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Bestway CementRs. 1,100 – 1,110
PakcemRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Flying CementRs. 1,120 – 1,130
Cherat CementRs. 1,195 – 1,100
Falcon Cement (OPC)Rs. 1,060 – 1,090
Falcon Cement (Src)Rs. 1,080 – 1,100
Latest All Cement Prices Today List

Best Cement Companies In Pakistan

Pakistan has several cement brands, each with its own advantages. Pakistan’s most popular cement brands include

DG Khan Cement 

DG Cement is one of the leading cement brands in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of Nishat Group, a leading business conglomerate in the country. DG Cement offers high-quality cement products suitable for both residential and commercial use. In 2023, the price of a 50kg bag of DG Cement is expected to be around PKR 1,120.

Lucky Cement 

Lucky Cement is another leading cement brand in Pakistan. It is part of the Yunus Brothers Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the country. Lucky Cement offers a wide range of cement products suitable for various construction needs. In 2023, the price of a 50kg bag of Lucky Cement is expected to be around PKR 1,100.

Maple Leaf Cement 

Maple Leaf Cement is a subsidiary of Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited, one of the oldest and most respected textile companies in Pakistan. Maple offers high-quality cement products that meet international standards. In 2023, the price of a 50kg bag of Maple Cement is expected to be around PKR 1,120.

Bestway Cement 

Bestway Cement is one of the largest cement producers in Pakistan. It is part of Bestway Group, a leading conglomerate with businesses in the UK, Pakistan, and other countries. Bestway Cement offers high-quality cement products that meet international standards. In 2023, the price of a 50kg bag of Bestway Cement is expected to be around PKR 1,100.

List Of All Cement Companies In Pakistan 2023

  • Askari Cement Ltd.
  • Attock Cement (Pakistan) Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Che-Rat Cement Company Limited
  • Dg. Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Dandot Cement Company Limited
  • Dewan Cement Limited
  • Fai-Jji Cement Company Limited
  • Fecto Cement Limited
  • Flying Cement Company Limited
  • Gharibwal Cement Limited
  • Javedan Corporation Limited
  • Javedan Corporation Limited (Pref Shares)
  • Kohat Cement Limited
  • Lucky Cement Limited
  • Maple Leaf Factory Limited
  • Pakcem Limited
  • Pioneer Cement Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • Safe Mix Concrete Limited
  • Thatta Cement Company Limited
  • Zeal Pak Cement Factory Limited

Introduction To The Cement Industry In Pakistan

Pakistan’s cement industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 5-6%. The industry is now one of the largest in the world, producing over 50 million tons of cement annually. The primary consumers of cement in Pakistan are the construction industry and infrastructure projects such as dams, highways, and airports.

Factors Affecting Cement Price In Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation of cement prices in Pakistan, including

Supply and Demand: The balance between supply and demand has a significant impact on cement prices. If the supply of cement is lower than the demand, the price will increase, and vice versa.

Raw Material Costs: The cost of raw materials used in the production of cement, such as limestone, gypsum, and coal, can affect the final price of cement.

Energy Costs: The cost of energy used in the production of cement, such as electricity and gas, can also impact the final price of cement.

Government Policies: Government policies, such as taxes and tariffs on cement, can influence the price of cement.

Cement Production In Pakistan

Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of cement in the world, with a total production capacity of over 65 million tons. The top cement companies in Pakistan are Lucky Cement, D.G. Khan Cement, Bestway Cement, and Maple Leaf Cement.

Today’s Cement Rates In Pakistan Per 50KG Bage

The current cement price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,055 to PKR 1,200 per bag of 50kg, depending on the brand and location. This price is subject to change depending on the factors mentioned above.

Future Outlook For Cement Rates In Pakistan,

The future outlook for cement rates in Pakistan remains uncertain, as various factors can impact the prices. However, the demand for cement is expected to continue to increase due to the growth in the construction industry and infrastructure projects. The government’s focus on construction projects, such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is also expected to contribute to the growth in demand for cement.


In conclusion, the cement rate today in Pakistan is a complex and dynamic topic that requires research, analysis, and understanding of market trends and factors. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the latest updates, analyses, and forecasts for cement prices. Whether you’re a cement buyer, seller, or industry expert, it’s important to stay informed and adaptable to the changing market conditions. Keep monitoring the cement prices, regulations, and innovations to make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.


What is the cost of 1 bag cement?

The cost of one bag of cement varies depending on the brand and location, ranging from around PKR 1050 to PKR 1200 in Pakistan.

How much does a 50kg bag of cement cost?

The cost of a 50kg bag of cement varies depending on the brand and location in Pakistan, ranging from around PKR 3000 to PKR 4300.

How much cement do I need for 1000 bricks?

The amount of cement needed for 1000 bricks depends on the size of the bricks and the thickness of the mortar joint. A general estimate is around 200-250 kg of cement for 1000 standard size bricks.

How many feet is 50 kg bag of cement?

The volume of cement in a 50 kg bag depends on the density of the cement and can vary between brands. Typically, a 50 kg bag of cement can yield about 1.25 cubic feet of concrete.

How much area does 1 bag of cement cover?

The area covered by 1 bag of cement depends on the thickness of the layer or the depth of the concrete required. As a rough estimate, 1 bag of cement can cover around 20-25 square feet with a thickness of 2 inches. However, this can vary depending on the mix ratio and the application.

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