Jazz Load Reversal Methods 2023 | How To Return Jazz Easy Load

If you are a Jazz customer who has mistakenly loaded the wrong number or amount, you’ll be happy to know that Jazz offers a simple and easy load reversal process. In this article, we’ll look at the Jazz load reversal methods for 2023 and guide you on how to return Jazz Easy Load.

How To Reverse Jazz Load Method? 4 Easy Ways

If you have accidentally loaded the wrong number or amount, or if you have faced any other issue with your Jazz Easy Load, you can easily reverse the transaction by following these methods:

Method 01: Jazz Load Reverse

When you load from Jazz Retailer, Jazzcash, or another bank app and accidentally send the balance/load or money to the incorrect number, you can now return your mobile load/balance by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Your SMS And Write New SMS Type “RT” Space Type 20 Digits “Reference
  2. Number” Space & Send It To “510”
  3.  In case The Above Method Did Not Work, You Call On “1344” Or Jazz Helpline Number “111”
  • Take A Look On The Following Pictures & Do the Same Simples Step As Mentioned Above
  • Point:  Reference Code (Ref Code) will be in the load confirmation SMS.
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Jazz Load Reversal Requirements

  1. The load Can Be Reversed Within 24 Hours
  2. 20 Digits Reference Number

If Jazz Prepaid Was Sent To The Wrong Number, It Could Be Obtained 24 Hours After The Customer Balance Transaction. Send A New Message To “510” And Message Contains Starting With “RT” Space And Then The “20-Digit Reference Code”.

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Method 02: To Reversal Your Jazz Load

  1.  Dial “13344” 
  2.  Now you tell them about your problem and provide them with the transaction number and other details.
  3. After That, They Will Solve Your Problem.

Sol 04: Jazz Helpline

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get your Jazz Easy Load reversed is by calling Jazz helpline at 111. Simply provide the customer service representative with your details, including the transaction ID and the amount, and they will process your request.

Way 5: Jazz World App

If you prefer to do things yourself, you can also use the Jazz World App to reverse your Jazz Easy Load. Simply log in to your Jazz World App, go to the “My Account” section, and select the “Load Reversal” option. Follow the instructions to complete the process.


If you loaded your Jazz Easy Load using JazzCash, you can easily reverse the transaction by using the JazzCash app. Simply log in to the app, go to the “Transactions” section, select the transaction you want to reverse and click on the “Reverse” button.

What is Jazz Easy Load?

Jazz Easy Load is a convenient way to recharge your Jazz prepaid mobile account. You can load your account with any amount, starting from Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000, by simply purchasing a Jazz Easy Load card from any Jazz retailer or by using JazzCash.


How do you reverse jazz load?

Please call the 4444 helplines and provide the Transaction ID (TID) from the transaction SMS to request a reversal. After verification, the reverse will be processed within 4 working hours.

What is the tax on Jazz load 2023?

The advance income tax rate is @15% on each recharge.

How to recover Jazz balance Code?

Dial *4446*2#; or send “4” to our WhatsApp Self-Service number [03003008000] (after sending “Hi”); To hear the balance details, go to the Jazz World app’s homepage or dial 111 (Rs 0.72).

How can I deactivate my Jazz one package?

To unsubscribe from a service, the customer must text ‘unsub‘ to 6611.


In conclusion, Jazz load reversal methods 2023 provide an easy and convenient way to return Jazz Easy Load. Whether you prefer to call the helpline, use the Jazz World App, or JazzCash, you can easily reverse your Jazz Easy Load and get the amount credited back to your account. So, the next time you accidentally load the wrong number or amount, don’t worry – just follow these simple steps to get your Jazz Easy Load reversed.

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