Jazz Mega Weekly Package Subscription Code & Price Details

Most social media users enjoy signing up for weekly internet packages. To satisfy this desire from its customers, Jazz has made a big deal! By purchasing a single subscription at a modest cost, they enjoy being amused for a week. By subscribing to this Jazz Weekly Mega Package, a sizable amount of internet GB can be obtained.

The Jazz weekly mega bundle deal is the greatest option for people to use data because it includes a large amount of internet volume enough to last the entire week, in this package. They take pleasure in all social media, and downloading the week’s jazz will be fascinating.

Jazz and Warid customers can get 7 GB of internet with the Jazz Weekly Mega offer of 3G/4G for just Rs.287/- (tax included).

Jazz Mega Weekly Packages Details

Jazz Mega Weekly Offer
PriceRs.287 (incl. tax)
Subscription Code*159#
Status Code*159*2#
Validity07 Days/ 01 Week

How to Subscribe to Jazz Mega Weekly Internet Bundle

  • Dial *159#
  • Package Details Total Data 10 GB (1 GB WhatsApp)
  • Fee Rs.287 (incl. tax)
  • Validity: 07 DAYS
  • Bundle Status Code *159*2#
Jazz Mega Weekly Package

Terms & Conditions

  • Bundles won’t automatically renew, so you’ll need to do it when they run out.
  • Internet bundles are available in places with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • The number of concurrent users, the time of day, distance from 2G, 3G, or 4G sites, sim, device, online pages accessed, and other variables will all affect how quickly an internet connection will operate.
  • If incentives are used while still active, an overage of Rs. 2.25/MB (incl. VAT) will apply.
  • If you don’t have a bundle subscription, the basic fee of Rs. 5/MB will be applied. A charging pulse of 512 KB will be used.
  • The package could change at any time.
  • The offer’s multiple subscriptions are permitted.
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Q. How many MBs of the Jazz Mega Weekly Bundle are used by WhatsApp?

Ans. WhatsApp Will use 1 GB of Mega weekly.

Q. How do I cancel my Jazz Weekly Mega 3G, 4G Package subscription?

Ans. After seven days, the Jazz Weekly Mega 3G and 4G Package will automatically expire.

Q. How much is the fee for the Jazz Mega Weekly Offer package?

Ans. RS.287 will get you the Jazz mega Weekly Offer package (incl. Tax).

Q. Which Apps Can I Use?

Ans. This Package Contains 9 GBs that can be used on Any App & also 1GB for WhatsApp Only.

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