Jazz Youtube Packages 2023 Prices | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz YouTube packages 2023 Price and Codes, Jazz Youtube Bundles that you may activate on your SIM to watch YouTube videos if you’re a regular YouTube user. To find the bundle you desire, look over all the options below.

Here, we’ve highlighted the most recent Jazz YouTube Packages, including their prices, subscription information, and check codes.

Below is a list of the Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Youtube packages. Applying the package of your choice will allow you to use YouTube.

Let’s start with today’s post with the Jazz Warid packages only available for YouTube. Yes! The social YouTube offer is now available for prepaid subscribers to subscribe to for daily, weekly, and monthly validity at a reasonable price.

Jazz Youtube Packages

Jazz Daily Youtube Bundle Price & Activation Code

Take advantage of Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube all day long.

How do I subscribe to the Jazz Daily Youtube Package?

Data Volume1.5 GB
Balance RequiredRs.25
Subscription Code*968#
Status Check Code*968*2#
Validity1 Day/ 24 Hours
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Jazz Weekly Youtube Package Price & Subscription Code

Another Fantastic Package You can use Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and IMO for free for the entire week.

How To Subscribe To Jazz Weekly’s YouTube Bundle?

Jazz has selected the best YouTube offer for you. Enjoy super-fast 5 GBs of data for Youtube’s possible price.

  1. To Subscribe to Jazz Youtube Weekly Offer Dial anytime during the day “660# or *570#
  2. Package Specifications: 5GB Internet Data for Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and IMO 
  3. Package Specifications: 5GB internet data for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook
  4. Package Cost: Rs.89 (Incl. Tax)
  5. To Check Jazz Weekly Youtube Package Status Dial Code *660*2# 
Data Volume5 GB
PriceRs.138 (incl. tax)
Balance RequiredRs.140
Which App Can I Use?Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and IMO
Subscription Code*660#
Status Check Code*660*2#
Validity7 Days
Jazz Youtube Weekly Package

Jazz Monthly Youtube Package Price & Activation Code

On a Jazz Warid Sim, you can enjoy YouTube without limits. Take advantage of 2 GB of internet data for 1 month at a very affordable cost.

How To Subscribe To Jazz Monthly’s YouTube Bundle?

  1. To activate, dial *709#
  2. Information on the package: 2GB of internet space for YouTube
  3. Package Fees: 126 rupees (Incl. Tax)
  4. It expires in 30 Days
  5. Dial *709*2# to find out how many remaining MB there are.
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Data Volume2 GB
PriceRs.126 (incl. tax)
Balance RequiredRs.130
Which App Can I Use?YouTube
Subscription Code*709#
Status Check Code*709*2#
Validity1 Month (30 Days)
Jazz Youtube Monthly Package

Terms & Conditions

  • The offers listed above are exclusively available to Jazz and Warid Prepaid customers.
  • You can sign up for any of these offers anytime during the day.
  • There is a charge of 0.006 for checking the remaining data if you wish to do so.
  • These promotions do not automatically renew. To continue receiving the offer after it expires, you must subscribe again.
  • The offers could be modified at any time. Jazz has the right to alter or end these promotions at any moment.


What is Jazz YouTube package?

Jazz 4G provides 1 GB of data for 24 hours for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The daily package costs PKR 23.00. (inclusive of all taxes). By dialing *968#, you can subscribe to the daily bundle. The package requires a recharge of PKR 25.

How can I activate Jazz 30 GB?

– Jazz weekly internet package 30GB code is *506#
This time, Jazz introduces the Jazz Weekly Internet Package 30GB as part of the Weekly Super Max Offer, allowing customers to enjoy 30GB of internet for 7 days a week for just Rs. 337 PKR .

How can I get 5 GB in Jazz?

5 GB Data
1. Subscription Fee Rs.10 (Incl. Tax)
2. Subscription Code *742#
3. Validity 11 PM – 9 AM (for one day)
4. Incentive 5 GB.

How do I subscribe to Jazz 3 day?

By dialing *631#, the customer will be subscribed to the 3 Day-Max Offer for 3 calendar days; the offer will expire at midnight on the third calendar day (including subscription day). This offer is non-recursive, so customers must dial *631# again to take advantage of it more than once.

What is Jazz package * 706?

By dialing *706#, the customer will receive a Monthly Super Duper Offer valid for exactly 30 calendar days, expiring at midnight on the 30th calendar day (including subscription day) This offer is non-recursive, so customers must dial *706# again to take advantage of it more than once.


We discussed the Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Youtube Packages. Regarding these packages, we provided all the information. Additionally, you can contact us if you have any queries concerning these packages. Your queries can be posted in the comments section. As soon as it is possible for us, we will respond to these queries.

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