Mobily KSA Internet Packages 2023 Prices & Codes | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Stay connected in Saudi Arabia with Mobily internet packages. Designed to meet the needs of both locals and those visiting for Hajj or Umrah. Mobily offers daily, weekly, and monthly unlimited options with easy subscription codes. Whether you need internet access for a single day or a full month, Mobily has a package to fit your needs. This article covers comprehensive details on all Mobily prepaid internet packages, including prices and subscription codes

KSA Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Package NameData VolumeMinutesPrice (SAR)ValidityHow To Subscribe?
Mobily Prepaid DailyUnlimited Internet +Unlimited Social 50 Minutes20 SAR1 DaySend 20 To 1100
Mobily Prepaid Weekly2 GB Internet + 2 GB Social Data100 Minutes25 SAR1 WeekSend 25 To 1100
Mobily Prepaid 301 GB + 1 GB Social100 Mins30 SAR4 WeeksSend 30 To 1100
Prepaid 755 GB + 5 GB Social500 + 100 Extra Mins Free75 SAR4 WeeksSend 75 To 1100
Prepaid 11010 GB + 15 GB Social1500 Mins110 SAR4 WeeksSend 110 To 1100
Mobily Prepaid 15050 GB Internet + Unlimited Social3000 Minutes150 SAR4 WeeksSend 150 To 1100
Prepaid 180 Plan80 GB Internet + Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes180 SAR4 weeksSend 180 To 1100
Prepaid 220100 GB Internet + Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes220 SAR4 WeeksSend 220 To 1100
Prepaid 360 Unlimited Internet + Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes360 SAR4 WeeksSend 360 To 1100
Mobily Plans 2023


  • Social media apps include: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp
  • To subscribe type “subscription code” in the new message and send it to “1100
  • To cancel the mobily internet package type ‘0‘ before the subscription code and send it to 1100. Ex to cancel your prepaid 360 internet package send ‘0360’ to ‘1100’
  • The above prices are VAT exclusive 

Mobily 4G Data Prepaid Internet Plans With Prices & Codes

Discover the latest Mobily data prepaid internet packages for 2023 and take control of your online experience. Browse through our comprehensive list of packages, compare prices, and choose the one that fits your needs. 

Package NameData VolumePrice (SAR)ValidityHow To Subscribe?
Prepaid 1010 GB Internet200 SAR3 MonthSend 200 To 1100
Prepaid 2020 GB Internet Data260 SAR3 MonthSend 260 To 1100
Prepaid 5050 GB Internet250 SAR2 MonthSend 250 To 1100
Prepaid 100100 GB Data375 SAR3 MonthSend 375 To 1100
Prepaid 300300 GB Data525 SAR3 MonthSend 525 To 1100
Unlimited Data BundleUnlimited Internet380 SAR1 MonthSend 380 To 1100
Prepaid 180 Plan80 GB Internet + Unlimited Social180 SAR4 WeeksSend 180 To 1100
Prepaid 220100 GB Internet + Unlimited Social220 SAR4 WeeksSend 220 To 1100
Prepaid 360 Unlimited Internet + Unlimited Social360 SAR4 WeeksSend 360 To 1100
Mobily Internet Packages
  • All prices are VAT Inclusive

Mobily Data Bundles 2023 Prices & Subscription Codes

Get connected with Mobily’s 4G data packages. Easily activate, compare prices, and use codes for an uninterrupted internet experience.

Data VolumeDurationPrice (SAR)Activation Code
150 MB15 Days6 SAR750 To 1100
500 MB15 Days18 SAR5100 To 1100
1 GB30 Days35 SAR6100 To 1100
2 GB30 Days58 SAR7200 To 1100
5 GB30 Days87 SAR7300 To 1100
10 GB30 Days110 SAR7050 To 1100
10 GB90 Days189 SAR6070 To 1100
20 + 20 GB Extra Internet + 40GB Social Media30 Days156 SAR6300 To 1100
20 GB 90 Days254 SAR8200 To 1100
50 GB +25 GB Extra Internet + 7.5 Social60 Days242 SAR7090 To 1100
50 GB Internet90 Days300 SAR8070 To 1100
100 GB Data30 Days185 SAR7080 To 1100
100 Internet + 100 GB Social Data90 Days387 SAR8080 To 1100
300 GB Data90 Days518 SAR300 To 1100
600 GB180 Days1036 SAR606 To 1100
Unlimited30 Days374 SAR4930 To 1100
  • All Prices are VAT inclusive.

KSA Mobily Unlimited Gaming Packages 2023 – Monthly Gaming Plans

Boost your gaming with Mobily’s game plans. Enjoy uninterrupted online gaming specially designed packages. Get the best game experience with Mobily gaming. 

Price (SAR)Data ValidityHow To Subscribe?
70 SARUnlimited Gaming (One Time)30 Days4300
70 SARUnlimited Gaming (Recurring)30 Days4200
Mobily Gaming Plans
  • To activate: Send activation code to 1100
  • Game: PUBG & League of Legends
  • Package Expiry: 30 Days
  • This Package is available for both Prepaid & Postpaid customers.

Mobily Social Plans 2023 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prices & Codes

Stay connected with Mobily Social Plans 2023! Choose from daily, weekly, and monthly options at affordable prices. Get the activation codes and stay connected with ease. 

Price (SAR)Social Data ValidityHow To Subscribe?
4 SARUnlimited1 DayDial: *441#
40 SARUnlimited1 WeekDial: *447#
60 SARUnlimited1 MonthDial: *440#
Mobily Social Packages
  • To cancel or Deactivate the plan: Send ‘0440’ to 1100
  • Social Media Apps Include: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Mobily KSA WhatsApp Plans 2023 – Weekly, Monthly Packages

Price (SAR)WhatsApp Data ValidityActivation Code
10 SARUnlimited1 Week210
20 SARUnlimited1 Month211
Mobily WhatsApp Packages
  • How to subscribe: Send ‘Activation Code’ to 1100.

KSA Mobily Credit Plans 2023 / Loan Plan

This Mobily plan offers a loan/credit for internet or calls balance, which will be deducted from your next recharge.

Mobily CreditHow To  Activate?
5 SAR*405#
30 SAR*430#
300 MB for 7 Days (SAR 10)*403#
Mobily Credit Plans

Disclaimer:  Please note that the accuracy of the information presented on this page cannot be fully guaranteed.

Terms & Conditions

  • Available for Mobily SIM and prepaid packages, excluding postpaid, Fallah 100, and Fallah 35
  • Auto-renewal is enabled but can be canceled while still using benefits until validity ends
  • After using the bundle, the package rate will apply
  • VAT added during recharge 
  • Calls to 9200 numbers are free but will deduct from free local minutes of the bundle
  • After using the free local minutes, the call rate for 9200 numbers is SAR 0.1495 per minute
  • For any further information please visit Mobily’s official website.

About Mobily

KSA Mobily is a telecommunications company based in Saudi Arabia, established in 2004. It offers a wide range of services, including voice and data services, broadband internet, and various digital solutions. Mobily has been instrumental in transforming the telecom sector in Saudi Arabia and has consistently set high standards for innovation and customer service. The company has a strong focus on investing in new technologies and has been the first to launch several cutting-edge services, such as 4G LTE, in the Kingdom. Mobily has also been awarded several national and international awards for its services and commitment to excellence. With a strong network coverage and a customer-centric approach, Mobily is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

KSA Mobily Features

I. Services: A wide range of services including voice, data, broadband, and digital solutions offered by KSA Mobily.

II. Innovation: Committed to introducing new technologies and first to launch several cutting-edge services in Saudi Arabia.

III. Awards: Recipient of national and international awards for its services and commitment to excellence.

IV. Network Coverage: Strong network coverage ensures consistent and reliable services to customers.

V. Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on meeting the evolving needs of customers through a customer-centric approach.


In conclusion, Mobily internet packages offer the perfect combination of high-speed internet, unlimited data, and top-notch customer service. Whether you need internet for your home or on the go, Mobily has a package to suit your needs. With affordable prices, you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet without breaking the bank.

Enjoy unlimited, fast surfing with Mobily Internet Plans! With this comprehensive guide, learn all about the different package codes and find out how to get the perfect internet plan for you.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How check Mobily data offer?

Checking Mobily Data:
To check Mobily data offer, dial *6060# or call 1100 and press 1.

What is code for Mobily internet package?

To subscribe to 100GB Mobily data package, SMS “7080” to 1100 at a cost of 160 SAR for 1 month validity. To unsubscribe, SMS “7082” to 1100.

How do I know my mobily code?

To check your Mobily phone number, dial *222# and it will appear on the screen.

How can I get free Mobily load?

To get free Mobily load, dial *405# or *430# or send SMS “405” or “430” to 1100. Emergency data bundle: dial *403# or send “403” to 1100.

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