All MTN Afghanistan Internet Packages 2023 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly | Prices and Codes Details

Afghan MTN is a leading telecommunications company in Afghanistan that offers a variety of internet packages to its customers. These packages allow you to access the internet on your device at an affordable rate, based on the data usage and validity period you select.  In this article, information about MTN Afghanistan internet packages and bundles, as well as their subscription prices and activation codes.

MTN Afghanistan Internet Bundles

Choose an affordable bundle that suits your needs and enjoys surfing, chatting, downloading, emailing, and more. With MTN, you can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly bundles and the Night Surfer plan.

MTN Afghan Daily and Hourly Internet Bundles

Some of the popular internet packages offered by MTN Afghanistan include the Daily Internet Package. You can find the complete details in the table below.

Package Price (AFN)Data VolumeValidityHow To Subscribe?
MTN Hourly15 AFN1200 MB1 HourDial: *344*61#
MTN Daily15 AFN100 MB24 HoursDial: *344*12#

Afghan MTN Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages Prices and Codes

Looking for a fast and dependable internet connection in Afghanistan? MTN Afghanistan monthly internet packages have you covered. Users can find a plan that meets your needs and budget by selecting from various options.

Package NameDataPrice(AFN)ValidityHow to Subscribe?
Weekly Pack500 MB89 AFN7 DaysDial: *344*22#
Monthly Pack1 GB299 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*30#
Monthly Pack2 GB399 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*31#
Monthly Pack4 GB499 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*32#
Monthly Pack8 GB725 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*33#
Monthly Pack15 GB1399 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*34#
Monthly Pack30 GB2699 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*36#

MTN Social Packages Prices & Codes

Stay connected and stay up-to-date with MTN Afghanistan social internet packages. These affordable plans are perfect for users who want to stay in touch with their friends and family on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Data VolumePrice(AFN)ValidityHow To Subscribe?
MTN 50 MB Pack5 AFN24 HoursDial: *344*511#
MTN 150 MB Pack18 AFN7 DaysDial: *344*512#
MTN 460 MB Pack50 AFN30 DaysDial: *344*513#

MTN Nightly Packages With Prices and Codes

MTN Afghan nightly internet packages offer users the opportunity to stay connected with fast and reliable internet access at an affordable price. These packages are perfect for users who need internet access during the night.

Data VolumePrice(AFN)ValidityHow To Subscribe?
MTN 1 GB Night Pack25 AFN1 NightDial: *344*41#
MTN 10 GB Night Pack200 AFN30 NightsDial: *344*42#
  • To deactivate any packages, Type “D” in SMS & send it to 344.
  • To check the remaining package, Dial:  *344*7# or through SMS type “7” and send it to 344.
  • For more info, please visit MTN Website.


In conclusion, Afghan MTN Internet offers a variety of reliable and affordable internet packages to suit the needs of both residential and business customers. With MTN Internet bundles you will get fast speeds and flexible data options, and customers can choose the perfect plan for their online activities. 

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How to check MTN remaining resources?

To check MTN remaining data, Dial *344*7#

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