PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Form – Check Your Payroll Online 2023

This step-by-step guide about PIFRA pay slips and registration form will help you check your payroll online in 2022. There are more details regarding PIFRA that can be valuable to you as well. Pakistani government employees can now check their paychecks easily every month thanks to a new system.

PIFRA (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing) is a government-led initiative in Pakistan that provides a platform for employees to access and view their payroll information online.

Requirements For PIFRA Online pay slip

PIFRA registration is simple and easy if you meet the requirements below.

  1. Complete Full Name of the Employee
  2. Their CNIC number
  3. Date Of Birth as mentioned in CNIC card
  4. Personal Mobile Number 
  5. Member of Any Government Department 
  6. Their Department Assign Government Code 
  7. Personal Gmail Account ID 
  8. Scale/post of the job

If you’ve all the required details, you’re just a few steps away from getting registered with PIFRA

PIFRA Pay Slip Registration Method

Follow the steps below to complete the registration process once you have all the required details.

Notice: PIFRA was closed by the Pakistani government and all data was transferred to the new FABS website. The FABS contains all of the data and features found on Pifra.

  1. Visit one of these links PIFRA OR FABS or its butter to directly visit fabs.gov.pk Website
  2. On the main menu of the fab website, you will see the services option, click on that and select Online salary slip/pension slip.
  3. Make sure you read the guide and short word codes carefully
PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Form

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Follow the steps to complete the form.

  1. Provide your single government code according to your region ex. P for Punjab etc
  2. The personal number of the worker. 
  3. Provide the CNIC number or NIC number if you’re old. 
  4. Date of birth as mentioned in CNIC card
  5. A mobile phone number is registered with your CNIC if it is active.

Pifra Pay Slip Registration

Once you’ve entered all of the information correctly, click the Yellow Button down below the details.

PIFRA Pay Slip Account Registration Final Step

You have done all of the important steps to this point, but this will not work until you finish the final registration step.

 If you entered the correct information when you clicked the verification button, you will be asked to validate your email. Registration will not be possible if the information provided is incorrect.

Once the information is valid, enter your email address twice in the next step. For verification, a confirmation code may be emailed to your email address.

  • Important Note: Make sure the email address you use has not previously been registered with the PIFRA.

Click the submit button after entering your email address. , every month you will receive your PIFRA pay slip via email. On the FABS website, you can also check your pay slip.

You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive emails from Pifra to receive emails from Pifra, you may unsubscribe.

Watch the video to understand it more easily.

How To Check PIFRA Pay slip Online?

With an internet connection, you can check your Pifra pay slip online. There are two easy ways to check your pay slip in Pakistan online.

  1. You can check your pifra pay slip online through Email.
  2. Check through the authorized website of FAB.

Method 01. Checking Through Email

Here is the complete guide on how to check your pifra pay slip by using your registered email.

  1. Open your registered email with pifra.
  2. Open your inbox and find the mail from pifra or fabs.
  3. If you did not see any mail for any reason, write the fabs pifra in the search bar.
  4. You will see all emails from pifra with complete payslip details.

Note: It takes 10 days for the salary slip to arrive in the mail, so you will have to wait until the 10th.

Method 02. Checking PIFRA Pay Slip Through The Website.

When compared to email pay slips, this technique is faster and displays more data. You can also view your records via the website. Follow the process

  1. Visit https://fabs.gov.pk/
  2. Sign in to your registered account.
  3. Select services then click on the Online salary slip.
  4. Enter the necessary information, if any, otherwise, all payslips will be displayed.

PIFRA Online Salary Slip Download

Here is the process on how to download the PIFRA online slip in pdf form easily.

  1. Open your registered account On Pifra Website
  2. From the download option, you can download your pay slip easily in pdf form for free

The online salary slip has the following details:

  • Cross Salary Payment
  • Allowances
  • Basic Pay
  • Deductions
  • Gross and Net Pay
  • Income Tax
  • Provident Fund

How To Check PIFRA Pay Slip Status using SMS Service.

  1. Open new SMS.
  2. Write your token number.
  3. First, write your government code and then the district code.
  4. Send it to 0514710910

Short Codes Used For PIFRA

  • F = Federal
  • N = KP Govt
  • S = Sindh
  • B = Baluchistan
  • P = Punjab 
  • DGP = District Govt Punjab
  • K = Kashmir
  • DGN = District Govt KP
  • GB = Gilgit-Baltistan
  • GBC = GB Council
  • C = Kashmir Council

What Is PIFRA?

PIFRA, or the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing, is a government project to improve the quality and timeliness of financial reporting and auditing in Pakistan. The project aims is to create a comprehensive and integrated financial management system that incorporates modern accounting, budgeting, and auditing methods. Now FABS is known as PIFRA

People Also Ask

What is the Latest name of PIFRA?

Financial Accounting and Budgeting System (FABS)

2. How Can I Check My Pay slip On PIFRA Online?

Go to your PIFRA-registered Gmail. Go to your inbox and look for the mail from PIFRA or FABS. If you don’t see any messages for whatever reason, type the PIFRA salary slip into the search area. You’ll see all of the emails with complete payslip data.

3. What Is PIFRA Contact Number?

Phone No:0092-51-9107248
Fax No:0092-51-9107250


Now the government of Pakistan has made financial audits easier than ever before. Pakistan government employees can now check their pay slips and other job finance queries online using the FABS (Pifra new version).

Everyone who works for the government, whether a cop, teacher, postman, or doctor, can access their monthly salaries and GP fund payment information through Gmail with PIFRA Pay slip registration.

Is there any information? If yes! Please leave your thought and feedback in the comment section below so that we can improve our Information.

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