All STC KSA Internet Packages 2023 | Latest Price & Codes

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the largest telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of prepaid internet packages for mobile and home internet users. STC 5G prepaid internet packages offer flexibility and convenience for those who want to avoid committing to a long-term contract. 

In this article, we will discuss STC internet packages 2023, including the available packages, their prices, and the process of how to activate them.

STC Prepaid Monthly Internet Packages Prices and Codes

Get connected with STC reliable and affordable prepaid internet packages. Choose from a variety of data plans to suit your needs and budget. 

Package NameData Volume Price + VATValiditySIM Type
STC Streaming Package25 GB + 25 GB Streaming Data115 SR1 MontheSIM
Medium Streaming  Package80 GB + 80 GB Streaming Data253 SR2 MontheSIM
STC Streaming Large offer100 GB + 100 GB Streaming Data368 SR3 MontheSIM
STC Basic Offer10 GB Internet Data140 SR3 MontheSIM
STC 100 GB + 19 GB Pack100 GB Internet + 19 GB Social 195.5 SR1 MontheSIM
300 GB Package300 BG Internet Data517 SR3 MontheSIM
STC 500 GB Package500 GB Internet Data862.5 SR6 MontheSIM
  • Only works on devices that support eSIM

STC Prepaid Unlimited Internet Packages

Stay connected without any limits with STC prepaid unlimited internet bundles. Experience fast and reliable 5G internet speeds for all your streaming, browsing, and social media needs. Choose the best plan for you and stay connected with STC prepaid unlimited internet options from the given table.

Package NameData Volume Price + VATValiditySIM Type
STC Unlimited Unlimited Internet Data374 SR1 MontheSIM
3 Month Unlimted PackageUnlimited Data785 SR3 MontheSIM

STC 5G Unlimited & Renewal Monthly Internet Packages

Experience the power of 5G with STC prepaid monthly internet packages. Stay connected and enjoy fast and reliable internet speeds for long-term activities.

If your current package expires, you can renew it with a credit card, using your data SIM balance, or activate a new package with quicknet vouchers.

Package Data VolumePrice +VATValidityHow To Subscribe?
STC 10 GB Offer202 SR3 MonthSend 2722 to 900
STC 300 GB Pack518 SR3 MonthSend 2728 to 900
100 GB + 19 GB Social196 SR1 MonthSend 2734 to 900
STC 5G 500 GB Bundle 863 SR6 MonthSend 2731 to 900
STC 5G Unlimited 374  SR1 MonthSend 2726 to 900
STC Weekly Unlimited 110 SR1 WeekSend 2730 to 900
Unlimited Data Pack1122 SR3 MonthSend 2739 to 900
Daily Unlimited Package23 SR1 DayVia MySTC App
25 GB + 25 GB Social 115 SR1 MonthSend 2743 to 900
80 GB + 80 GB Social253 SR2 MonthSend 2744 to 900
100GB + 100GB Social368 SR3 MonthSend 2745 to 900

Terms and Conditions

  • streaming services: Netflix, YouTube, STC tv, Shahid.
  •  Social Media: WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitch
  • Using it without fairness
  • A quicknet prepaid voucher can be used on any Sawa line.
  • For more info, please visit STC.


In Conclusion, STC internet packages offer reliable and affordable connectivity options for residents of KSA. With various data plans to choose from, including prepaid and monthly bundles, you can find the perfect plan to suit your needs and budget.

You can visit our website Packagesgeek to check more details if you have any problems.


How to Check STC Balance?

To Check the Balance: Send 8888 to 900.

How to check STC data offer?

To check the STC data offer on your sim, simply dial the code *888# and press the call button.

How To Renew The STC Data Package?

To renew your data Bundle, Send the Activation Code to “900”.

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