STC KSA Mofawtar Postpaid Internet Packages 2023 Prices and Codes

Looking for STC postpaid internet packages? You can find detailed information on each package here to help you choose the best one for your needs. To help you get the most value, learn more about download speeds, usage limitations, and other features.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a leading telecommunications provider in Saudi Arabia, offering a range of postpaid internet packages to suit the needs of its customers. If you’re a heavy internet user or just need a basic connection for office work, STC has the best bundle for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various STC postpaid internet packages available in Saudi Arabia (KSA), including their prices, tax, validity periods, and activation codes.

All STC KSA Mofawtar Prepaid Unlimited Monthly Packages With Latest Prices and Codes Details List

Package NameData DetailsPrices +VATHow To Subscribe?
STC Mofawtar Basic 5 GB Internet + 5 GB Social Data+ 200 Minutes for STC 80.5 SRTo Activate, Send 4091 to 900
STC Mofawtar 2 Package10 GB Internet + 10 GB Social DataUnlimited STC Mins + 200 Other Mins138 SRTo Activate, Send 4094 to 900
STC Mofawtar 2+ Package30 GB Internet + 30 GB Social DataUnlimited STC Mins + 400 Other Mins155 SRTo Activate, Send 4092 to 900
STC Mofawtar 3+ Bundle110 GB Internet + Unlimited  Social Data + Unlimited Minutes To All Network264.5 SRTo Activate, Send 4096 to 900
STC Mofawtar 4 PackageUnlimited Data + Unlimited Calls +5 GB Roaming Data, 100 Mins465 SRTo Activate, Send 4094 to 900
STC Mofawtar 4+ OfferUnlimited Data + 10GB Roaming Data, 100 Mins621 SRTo Activate, Send 4098 to 900
STC Mofawtar Max PackageUnlimited Data + Unlimited Roaming + MultiSIM: 2 Free Subscription +Device Subsidy Program Worth Upto 7200 SR920 SRTo Activate, Send 4095 to 900 OR Visit mySTC App

STC Postpaid Internet Packages Features

  • Enjoy 5G Fast Speed.
  • Instant Response Time.
  • Stream Ultra HD.
  • 10X Faster Than 4G.
  • The 10% discount on Mofawtar 2+, 4+, and 4+ are valid for 3 months only for new customers.
  •  STC Tv App Subscriptions for Mofawtar 4, Mofawtar 4 plus, and Mofawtar Max are free.

Terms & Conditions

  • Price Includes 15% VAT.
  • The packages might not be auto-renewed and require renewal after expiration.
  • 5G is activated for all packages.
  • For more information, please visit STC’s website.

FAQs About STC Postpaid Packages

How to check STC Postpaid remaining minutes and data?

You can check your remaining data by sending 2220 or ‘Balance’ to 900. Also, you can know your remaining minutes and data Via the mySTC App.

How to convert STC Prepaid to postpaid? OR How can I change my STC plan?

All you need to do is follow the procedures below.
1.Tap on the settings.
2.Number properties.
3.Upgrade to postpaid.
4.Choose the plan to upgrade your prepaid sim to postpaid.
5.Accept the T&Cs.


In conclusion, STC offers a variety of postpaid Mofawtar internet packages with competitive prices and easy activation codes. Customers can choose the package that best fits their needs and budget for personal or business use. 

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