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– Are you running out of balance? Follow these easy steps to get an Emergency Telenor Advanced Balance Loan 2023 Code. Telenor Advance Provides you with an advance loan of Rs.30 if your balance is below Rs.15. Simple Dial *0# and get Rs.30 Telenor Balance Anytime Anywhere!  

With this emergency Telenor loan, you will get Rs.30. Advance loans can be used for all prepaid users. 

Telenor Loan Code has been updated, and you can now obtain a Telenor Advance Balance loan anytime from any location. This Advance Emergency Loan Can be used for SMS, Voice Calls, and Internet Purposes.

  • Postpaid customers are not eligible.

Take advantage of the Telenor Pakistan pre-paid phones balance loan program. You can get Telenor Advance Balance loan 2023 by following these steps.

How To Take Telenor Advance Loan – Emergency Telenor Loan Code 2023

To get a Telenor emergency advance loan just follow the easy step:

Subscription CodeChargesHow Much Deduct On Next Recharge?Validity Of This Amount
To Get Loan, Dial*0#Rs. 6.5 (Incl. Tax )Rs. 36.5 PKRValidity for Emergency Load amount is 30 days
Telenor Advance Loan

Telenor Loan Code And Subscription Method | Step-By-Step Process

  1. Dial*0#.
  2. You will get an Advance loan of Rs.30
  3. Charges: Rs 6.5 (Incl. Tax).
  4. Validity: Telenor Advance Loan Expire Automatically After 30 Days.
  5. Telenor loan services are for only prepaid customers only.
  6. The Telenor Loan Charges are Rs.6.5 so Rs. 36.5 Will deduct on the next recharge

Terms and Conditions

  • If you have already taken a loan, you are unable to apply again for the next loan until you have recharged and returned the current loan + the Service Tax.
  • There is no requirement to have a minimum balance to use this service as long as you have cleared all previous Loan.
  • After the first successful recharge, the emergency load will be repaid.
  • The service fee of Rs.30 + 6.5 Tax, will be deducted from the recharge.


This article was all about Telenor Advance Loan Code 2023 and we have discussed everything, How to get a Telenor Advance loan in an Emergency and Codes about it, so now any Telenor User can get a Loan in an Emergency Situation & filled their needs with this loan 2023 Method.

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How can I get emergency SMS on Telenor?

Telenor customers will Dial *1122# for a free subscription.

How to take Telenor Advance Loan Code?

Telenor Advance Loan:
To get Telenor Advance Loan, Dial*0#  and get Rs.30 Loan anytime and anywhere.

How can I transfer the balance from Telenor to Telenor?

Telenor Balance Transfer:
To share an amount Dial the following code and press send: *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx* Balance Amount # and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer. For example, to share Rs. 100.00 with a prepaid number 03450000000, type and send: *1*1*923450000000*100# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

How to check Details about the Telenor Emergency Advance loan?

To check Details Loan Details Dial, code *444# which will be charged at Rs. 0.20 + tax.



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