Zain KSA Internet Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zain Unlimited Internet packages are a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost way to get online. These bundles provide various options to fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, you can be confident that your data will be delivered quickly. You can get speed up to 150 Mbps with Zain, which is more than enough for today’s internet needs. You’ll also be able to connect to the internet from multiple devices simultaneously once, allowing you to stay connected with your loved one no matter where you are.

– In this article, we are discussing all information about zain Unlimited and prepaid internet packages 2023 for daily, weekly, and monthly with their prices and codes & method of how to subscribe to all these zain packages daily, weekly, and monthly zain packages.

Zain Daily Unlimited Internet Packages With Prices and Subscription Codes Details

Zain provides their customer with daily internet packages to fulfill their requirement and stay connected. The following table has complete details about Zain KSA 1 Day Internet Unlimited packages 2023 Codes and prices and also the easy way of subscription method.

Zain Daily Packages NameData VolumePrice In SARValidityHow To Activate?
50 MB Offer50 MB Internet2.3 SAR 1 DaySend 401 To 959.
250 MB Offer250 MBs 5 SAR 1 DaySend 402 to 959.
Daily UL DataUnlimitedInternet15 SAR1 DaySend DUL to 959In New Message.
Daily Unlimited Calls & InternetUnlimitedInternet18 SAR1 DaySend AUL to 959In Message.

Mechanism: How To Subscribe and Unsubscribe?

  1. To Subscribe to any daily zain daily packages send in a new message activation code in SMS to 959.
  2. To Cancel Daily Unlimited Send DDUL SMS To 959.
  3. To Unsubscribe from Daily UL Local Calls & Internet Bundle Send DAUL To 959.
  4. Prices do not include 15% VAT.
  5. All the packages mentioned above table have a validity of 1 Day.
  6. If you want to check your remaining balance and bundles, send a text message to 959 with the words (BC).

Zain KSA Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages 2023 – Zain Prepaid 5G Plans

The various types of prepaid Zain KSA internet packages Prices Activation codes and cancelation codes are listed below. These tables will help you quickly select the best prepaid Zain calls and data plans in Saudi Arabia.

Data VolumeCharges In SARValidityHow To Subscribe?
500 MB Internet14 SAR01 WeekSend D500 to 959
2 GB Internet58  SAR01 MonthSend D2000 to 959
5 GB Internet87  SAR01 MonthSend D5000 to 959
10 GB Internet110 SAR01 MonthSend 10GBM to 959
10 GB Internet190 SAR03 MonthsSend 10GB to 959
20 GB Internet254 SAR03 MonthsSend 20GB to 959
50 GB305 SAR03 MonthsSend 50GB to 959
Zain Internet 100 GB 03 Month368 SAR03 MonthsSend 100GB to 959
100 GB 185 SAR01 Month100GBM To 959
150 GB415 SAR03 MonthsSend 150GB to 959
300 GB518 SAR03 MonthsSend 300GB to 959

Zain Youtube Internet Packages & Bundles 2023 With Details

Package NameData VolumeChargesHow To Subscribe?How To Cancel?
Daily YoutubeUnlimted Data09 SARSend 500 to 959CA500
Weekly YoutubeUnlimted Data39 SARSend 501 to 959CA501
Monthly YoutubeUnlimted Data99 SARSend 502 to 959CA502


Youtube has unlimited daily, weekly, and monthly offers that can be used with unlimited watch time. 

  1. Send an Activation code to 959 to subscribe to a social package according to your need.
  2. To cancel any of the following packages, send the cancel code to 959.

Zain Daily Youtube package costs 9 Saudi Riyal and is an unlimited plan. Customers who purchase this package will have unlimited access to YouTube according to their subscription plan. Send 500 to 959 to subscribe to the daily unlimited YouTube package.

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Zain Unlimited Internet Packages & Bundles – 2023 Price and Codes

Package NamePrice In SARData VolumeHow To Subscribe?How To Unsubscribe?
Daily Unlimted Internet11 SARUnlimted DataSend DUL to 959Send DDUL to 959
Weekly 5G Unlimted Data85 SARUnlimted DataSend 420 to 959Send 4202 to 959
Monthly  5G Unlimted Data349 SARUnlimted DataSend 415 to 959Send 4152 to 959
3 Months 5G Unlimted Internet999 SARUnlimited DataSend 417 to 959Send 4172 to 959


  1. These packages has unlimited data.
  2. To subscribe to any package send an activation code to 959.
  3. To cancel or unsubscribe from any package send a cancel code to 959.

Zain Unlimited Social Packages & Bundles – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 2023 Price and Codes

Complete details of Social packages for Zain users. Choose your favorite and have an endless amount of fun with social media.

Social Package NamePrice In SARHow To Subscribe?How To Cancel?
Daily Social Media5 SARSend 310 to 959Send CA310 to 959
Weekly Social Media20 SARSend 311 to 959Send CA311 to 959
Weekly Social Media Plus35 SARSend 313 to 959Send CA313 to 959
Monthly Social Media60 SARSend SMS 312 to 959Send CA312 to 959
  1. Which Apps Can I Use In Social Media Packages: Enjoy Free Unlimted WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Tiktok.
  2. Social Media Plus Package: Unlimited YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Tiktok.
  3. Prices do not include 15% VAT.
  4. To Subscribe and Cancel Sent Codes to 959.

Zain Flex Internet Packages 2023 With Prices & Codes Details

DataZain Flex MintsPrice In SARHow to  Subscribe?Validity
2GB Social+1GB30 Flex Minutes19 SARSend 100 to 9591 Week
1GB Social+1GB50 Flex  Minutes29 SARSend 101 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited Social+20 GB250 Flex Minutes99 SARSend 99 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited Social+100 GB800 FlexMinutes319 SARSend 319 to 9593 Months


  • Flex minutes can be used for local calls as well as calls to 20 international destinations: (Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Zain Sudan network and Sudani, India, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, and USA.)
  • Send the activation code to 959 to subscribe.
  • Send “BC” to 959 to check your benefits and balance.
  • VAT is not included in the prices.


After all step by step information, you can now activate and choose Zain Unlimited Internet packages for weekly and monthly 2023 according to your needs and requirement. Subscribe now to take advantage of high-speed internet packages and stay connected with your loved one during vacation or traveling. For More Details and Information, Visit Zain KSA

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How can I check Zain KSA Internet offer?

How to Check Balance & Bundle in KSA
1.To subscribe send an activation code to 959.
2.To check your benefits and balance, send “BC” to 959.

How can I register my Zain 100GB Internet?

Zain 100 GBs Internet:
1.Zain 100 GBs Comes with 368 SAR for 3 months. Send 100GB To 959 to subscribe.
2.Zain 100 GBs also comes with 185 SAR for 1 month. Send a new message 100GBM to 959 to subscribe 100GB for 1 month.

Name: Zain Internet 100 GB 03 Month
Cost: 368 SAR
Expiry: 03 Months
How To Subscribe? Send 100GB to 959
Name: Zain Monthly 100 GB 
Charges: 185 SAR
Validity: 01 Month
How To Activate? 100GBM To 959

How do I subscribe to Zain Flex 99?

Zain Flex 99:
To subscribe to Zain flex 99 send 99 in a new message to 959 just for 99 SAR.

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